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Investment Tips

Top Investment – Top Service

From experience, we understand that our customers want to minimize any risks concerning their investment. Our exhaustive development evaluation process is designed to identify any possible Risks to mitigate them– whether immediate or potential. However, we also know that customers frequently wish to make their own personal assessment prior to committing valuable financial resources. To assist you in making your decision, and as part of our commitment to providing our customers with the best possible service, below we have provided two check lists containing crucial criteria for independent and objective assessment.

The country in which you are investing

Rate your chosen country of investment using the following criteria:

  • Political stability – is your country of choice politically stable?
  • Tax – does it offer a tax-free environment?
  • The law – is there a freehold law for foreigners?
  • Security – is the country internally and externally secure?
  • The economy – is there a proven 5-year pattern of economic growth in your state of choice?
  • Climate – does the year-round climate meet your requirements?
  • Atmosphere and environment – is there an attractive, multi-cultural atmosphere for residents, visitors and tourists?
  • Infrastructure – is the infrastructure adequate, and are there plans for improvement?
  • Leisure amenities – are there varied sports facilities?
  • Entertainment – are there entertainment and recreational opportunities for all family members?

Your chosen investment – land, villa or apartment

Rate your chosen plot or property using the following criteria:

  • Building quality – is the construction quality to the highest standards?
  • Customer support – what is the provision for pre- and after-sales support?
  • Return – does your investment offer an acceptable level of return?
  • Developer – what is the developer’s reputation and degree of commitment?
  • Services – is there adequate provision for essential residential/ living services?
  • Maintenance – how is, and will, your property be maintained?
  • Security – what arrangements exist for the safety and security of you, your family and visitors?
  • Privacy – do you enjoy sufficient privacy?
  • Environment – is the general environment attractive, including view and surroundings?
  • Amenities – are there sufficient leisure and sporting facilities?
  • Entertainment – what facilities exist for in-home entertainment or recreation?
  • Suitability – is the size, layout and decoration of your property appropriate for different lifestyles or requirements?
  • Payment – what are your financing options and how flexible is your payment schedule?