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Real Estate Development

First Qatar is a developer with vision

First Qatar has it's headquarter in Kuwait and operates branch offices in Oman and Qatar. The close proximity to our clients and our presence in the markets are key factors for ensuring a practical, hand-on business. We are active in the emerging markets and are helping to set the course in many sub-markets and segments through our proactive approach. We are already one of the leading property development companies in the Gulf Cooperation Council member states.

Our strategy is clearly long term. We are committed to building open relationships with our investors and business clients based on trust. Thus, our strong vision means that we only develop secure and profitable commercial properties which are out-of-the-ordinary, as well as residential developments offering a distinctive atmosphere and an unrivalled array of extra services. This guarantees high returns for investors and valuable properties for our purchasers, tenants and operators. Our forward looking approach means that our products will remain competitive in years to come and will always represent the best possible choice.

First Class Service

First Qatar’s efficiency is attributable to its dynamic team of experts. New creative ideas are not stifled by excessive discussion and debate, but instead are tested. Our business areas are represented by small strategic units which work collaboratively and are able to exchange resources and ideas at any time. This allows us to guarantee ultimate efficiency as Competent Developer – at anytime and anywhere in the world.

First Qatar provides outstanding services to our shareholders, business partners and property residents – both now and in the future.

Range of services:

  • Real Estate Development
  • Finance & Investment
  • Property Management & Facility Management
  • Property Feasibility Studies
  • Sales, Promotion & Marketing
  • Sales Agent Network
  • Design Concept & Interior Design
  • Project & Construction Management
  • Hospitality & Leisure